How To Make Your Relationship Work

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Everyone wants to be happy, especially in a relationship. Most of us do a good job with relationships in the beginning. Whether dating or in a marriage, the fact is that relationships are can be difficult for some and for some easy.

A long-term relationship is definitely possible and proven by many people. In order to maintain a healthy and lasting relationship, it is necessary to commit and have the decision to do so. Everything will not be perfect and there are many obstacles to overcome.

The key is to decide the relationship will work. Small steps taken each day add up to great success. Start by taking small steps to build a solid foundation, follow these tips in your relationship.

  1. Build a foundation of respect and appreciation:

Say sorry if you made a mistake or hurt your partner's feelings. Look for opportunities to say: Thank you. Help your partner reach their potential by saying what you admire and what makes you proud of him or her.

  1. Tell your partner that you love him/her:

Do not take this for granted. By saying: “I love you” to your partner makes he or she feel safe and loved.

Take some time to be alone with your partner. Be sure to give at least once or twice a month time to be together. You can go out for dinner, a little trip, or even watch a movie. Keep the romance alive.

  1. Surprise your partner with gifts:

It can be a love letter that you left on his desk, a book, a chocolate, flowers, a special dessert and even a romantic email. This way your partner will feel more secure and feel better.

  1. Do not demand perfection:

We all have flaws, an error in couple relationships are unreasonable expectations. Accept your partner for who he/she is, and not for who they should be for us. Learn to enjoy the differences of others. Learn to accept your partner and his uniqueness for what he/she really is, and do not impose your idea of “what he/she should turn to be.”

  1. Be grateful for your relationship:

Be grateful for having your partner and all the blessings he/she has brought into your life. Be sure to share tasks and obligations. Avoid losing your own identity. Have projects on your own. Make time to do things that give he/she joy. Take some time to be alone.

  1. Do things together:

Go to the gym with him, practice a hobby together. Look for common things to share.

  1. Communication is the key to intimacy:

Learn to solidify the intimacy in your relationship. You can talk about who you really are, say what you need and want to be heard of by your partner. Building intimacy will prevent both parties from feeling alone or isolated.

  1. Learn to love yourself:

People with low self-esteem feel responsible for their partner's unhappiness and sabotage their relationship. They are more sensitive, they feel unworthy of being loved and unworthy of happiness. Like Nathaniel Branden, he said, "No factor is more important than self-esteem - in yourself and in the other person." There is no greater barrier to romantic success than the ingrained feeling that one is unlovable. You must be able to love fully, only then, are you ready for a relationship. Only then will you be able to fully love, and only then will you be able to accept that another person loves us. "

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