What Do Men Really Want from a Woman

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10 Things That Every Man Wants from a Relationship

Are you asking the question what do men really want from a woman? There are several research and books written on this topic, but primarily, what men want from woman stems from what you will be reading here.

Although men tend to be reluctant to talk about emotional issues and their inner needs, that does not mean they do not exist.

Whether it is for social conditioning or an inability to communicate their needs, men (who tend to be the least communicative person in an intimate relationship) are prone to suffer silently when their emotional needs are not being met by their partners.

You can put an end to superfluous fights, lack of communication, unnecessary nights fury and arguments by taking heed to the following and become his lady man. Now, let's work together to fix him. Follow the route below (Winks).

10 Things Men Want in a Relationship:

  1. To be praised

Men have egos that are known to be sensitive. They need frequent confirmation about themselves, their career, their effectiveness as a couple, their sexual potency and their attractiveness (among other things). Many men complain that their partners rarely tell them what they like about them. So women, let your compliments go free. Tell your men exactly what attracts them to you and you will make him desire you. What are your favorite physical traits about him? You will need to tell him. Call his attention to this. Discuss with him when he find something attractive that he seem to be passionate about (e.g achieving a goal, or when he is invited for an appointment and you are present there, take the opportunity to appreciate him publicly). Your compliments about him will make him feel loved and guilt to your advantage. By doing this, you are planting future commitment seeds. Do it by all means. Now let's move on.

  1. Respect

Men feel respect as love. If he feels that you are not satisfied with him, his career, or the things he considers integral in his life, it will be difficult for him to trust you and love you. The thought behind that for him is this "If you do not respect me for who I am in the deepest, then how can you want what is best for me?." If a man's partner does not respect him or his mission in life, then It will be very difficult for him to feel anything but an anxious need to distance himself from it. Wait a minute, the portion doesn't work without the practicality. So be pragmatic "woman!."

  1. Sexual connection

Men and women connect through sex and communication, but generally, women are better connected through communication and men through sex.

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Does this mean that men have to have sex with their intimate partners every day to feel connected? Not necessarily.

Men, as a rule, connect through indicators of sexuality as much as they do through sex.

Let me explain ...

Many times, a man will start sex just to make sure you're still sexually available to him. So if he stretches his arm and touches you in bed, even showing a desire to hug him, kissing him deeply and following the flow could be enough to make him feel loved.

This lack of awareness that women connect through words and men through sex can sometimes turn into a fast and unlucky low-cost spiral. You may not feel ready to give yourself to him sexually until you feel connected to him. This could be difficult for him to communicate with you because he has not had physical contact with you for days.

Talk to your partner and ask what specifically make him feel more loved so you can avoid these unintended dead spots. If this makes sense, you are only left with an option, DO IT!.

  1. Emotional intimacy

From an early age, men learn to avoid looking weak at any cost. Perceived "weakness" includes things like complaining, talking about fears or concerns, and expressing self-distrust or anxiety.

A man's partner is his safe place to fall. You can expose the cracks in your armor and allow your partner to help you heal.

Just as women need time to get sexually engaged in a relationship, men give themselves up emotionally over time.

When a man can’t trust you with his emotions, he will continue to suffer silently and continues to believe that his imperfection is a defect, and keeps you away from him emotionally. So put your back into it, lady!.

  1. Space

Naturally, a woman wants to spend more time with her man, while the man wants to spend more time with himself. There is no perfect balance. It will always be an act of balance between closeness and separation.

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Suffocating a man, depriving him of free time or with excessively jealous behavior is the quickest way to end a relationship. We all need room to breathe in a relationship. We need time for our hobbies, time with our friends and time to work on our projects to feel full.

Traditionally, when women needed to solve a problem, they went deeper into the tribe, connecting with close friends and family to discuss the situation. This is not so for a man.  Men would rather be alone when they have a problem to solve.

So your duty at this juncture is to let him wander. Let him breathe. A man will be much happier if you receive him when he returns, knowing that both you understand him and sense enough to allow him to be a man that he is by allowing him his space. Don't say I didn't tell you!

  1. Physical contact

Men need frequent non-sexual contact as much as the sense of sexual connection.

If a woman touches his neck and hair in a loving way while engrossed in a task, he may feel loved (even more, depending on his mood).

This contact is interpreted as physical love, the message that is recorded as "I love you and I want you to always feel happy. I'm here for you and I care a lot. " This achieved, lets move on.

  1. Security

Both men and women are drawn to certainty in a relationship. The more a man feels that his partner is there for a long time, the smarter and willing he will be to open up to her (assuming he is just as dedicated to her).

But security goes deeper than the fact that you will not leave. The security he feels relates to several of these points. He feels safe when he knows you approve of him and his career. He feels safe and loved when you make contact with him non-sexually during the day. He feels safe when you allow him to spend time with his friends. Would you do this madam, Pleaaaaase???

  1. Communication

Without communication, relationships are built on a fallible foundation. Men want women to communicate directly, they do not want clues. They need you to spell things out.

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For many men, communication is not their specialty. They need a guide. Men tend to talk from logic, women from the emotional. Since they are not emotional creatures, you may need to tutor them along this line so as to strike a balance.

Many women do not tell their man how they feel because they do not want to get into conflict. Or they are scared. The truth is that when you do not express yourself, men are left in the dark, and this will affect the relationship negatively. This is so because they do not really know things in this area. It is as if you present and prepare parts of your life instead of making your life with them.

Couples grow and become stronger by overcoming adversity, not by understanding how to use communication weapon to their advantage. Men do not want verbiage, but believe it or not, they want to know who you really are. Winks...

  1. That you have a life of your own

Men want you to have your own friends, activities and passions. Sure, they want to support you in everything that interests you and be part of anything that you want to be part of, but they want you to have your own identity.

This is significant because if you do not have anything that is yours, the relationship is going to be leaning on one leg. Now you can launch out...

  1. Let him be your hero

In the background, your man wants you to see him as one who jumps from the tallest buildings and is able to stop bullets. He wants to take you in his arms and show you the world. Or at least feel that way. So there is nothing that gives them more strength than when a woman creates the space to make them feel invincible. If you make him feel invincible, he will make you feel like the most beautiful creature in this world. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-haaaaa...ou, it's Tarzan...isn't he just cute?


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