What Women Need To Do For Men To Love Them

How a man looks at a woman he loves...There are many things that men want from women, and some of them could be fantasies, because men some time may expect perfection because of women's impressions in terms of physical adorning. Back to the question, what are some things women should really watch out for?

A survey was conducted to know what men want from women and the below is the result of the Survey:

  1. Femininity at all times.
  2. Good humor and optimism, with an attractive and enjoyable conversation.
  3. Let their man do the chase, but at the same time know when to pamper them.
  4. Men want women to know when they would like to be left alone to think.
  5. Demonstrate admiration and trust for them.
  6. Learn to know how to listen carefully, without interrupting them.
  7. Men want women to behave with dignity, naturalness, and tact all the time.
  8. Intelligence should be at equilibrium with flashiness and culture should parallel pedantry. Men love intelligent and cultured women but do not boast about it, let alone intelligent display that is greater than theirs. Recommended: >>>How to read a man and influence him<<<
  9. They want women who would be interested in their problems and their activities. (This will really be of great help to you >>>what men secretly want<<<)
  10. They want women who always smell good and are soft. They like the blend of shampoo, creams, soap and perfume.
  11. They want women with good maternal instinct. Men want women that will walk behind taking care of them. Women like Mom who will feel the 'mummy's space.' They may sometimes argue that you're not their mom, but at the end of the day, they love it.
  12. The Bikinis. Many responded "Bikinis" to the question "in a word what do you love about women’s physical appearance? " They argued that most woman regardless of physique looked good in a bikini. Read more about how to get a bikini body here >>> How to build a bikini body<<<
  13. They are good at listening. Respondents agreed that for emotional issues it is a thousand times better to talk to a woman.
  14. It may shock you to know that men love the show of emotional displayed when women cry. They added this too in the survey. This display totally touches them. They described it in different but common word that could be described as tender. The disadvantage comes with overdoing it.
  15. The hips. “Women’s body has personality" and that the hips were everything in that sense. Read more about hip here>> Bikini body<<<
  16. Shoes with heels. According to them, nothing makes your legs look better than for it to be a few inches high.
  17. Household linen and no make-up. They love the "weekend" look. No makeup, almost getting exercise.
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