Can Tinnitus Be Reversed?

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The latest science all shows us that Tinnitus isn’t what we once thought. In fact, even if you think your Tinnitus was triggered by loud noise exposure, there’s actually a much deeper cause for this misunderstood condition.

Chronic Tinnitus can only happen when there’s too much stress affecting our Limbic Systems (where we feel emotion)… making it malfunction. Again, without this part of the brain being affected, that traumatic, phantom noise would likely quickly disappear.

It gets more interesting too:

Tinnitus typically arises in people who are dealing with acute Sympathetic stress… also known as The Fight or Flight Response. It’s the “running from the tiger” part of our brains.

Meaning, this stress response (that pumps massive amounts of adrenaline and cortisol into our bloodstreams), should only be triggered under extreme circumstances.

But something’s gone horribly wrong:

We live in this Fight or Flight Response, virtually 24/7, 365 days a year.

It’s living in this constant stressful state that’s largely responsible for our chronic Tinnitus symptoms. The good news is, the nutrients that typically get depleted under chronic stress, and perpetuate Tinnitus, can easily be replenished. That’s how science shows us we can manage that awful phantom noise buzzing in our heads, and even completely turn it off.

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